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Sandstone Peak

Sandstone Peak

Trail Map

Sandstone peak is the highest mountain in the santa monica mountains at 3,111 ft. The trailhead starts around 2,000 ft. It is about a 1,111 ft up elevation gain. The trail is an out and back but you can make a longer loop to extend your tour. The hike has very limited shade so it isn’t recommended when it is too hot.

The trail will ascend very quickly. The first part is the most challenging but then it gets more gradual. Enjoy some breathtaking views of the santa monica mountains and rugged costaline. Valley View

About 30 minutes into the trail to your right is Malibu lake which is a very secluded area off mullholand hwy and home to many famous people that are low key. Malibu Lake

On a clear day you will get a great view of catalina island jolting out of the pacific. Catalina Island

The last part of the hike is a single track scamper up to the peak. If you want to go to highest point some bouldering is required, nothing crazy but be careful. The views at the highest perch in the santa monica mountains are breathtaking. You feel like an eagle on top of the world, soaring. Yerba Buena Canyone

Activity: Hiking
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Bring: Hiking boots, water and snacks

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