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Point Mugu Ocean Vista

Point Mugu Ocean Vista

Trail Map

Located in the point mugu state park, this magnificent hike offers breathtaking ocean vista views in one of the most scenic areas and less frequented areas in all of southern california. Traversing the backbone trail you will assend with terrif views of Pt. mugu peak and the coastline.

Park in La Jolla Canyon, day parking area. Follow the road into the canyon and look for the sign to ray miller trailhead. Take the ray miller trail heading south (to the right).

The trail will ascend to the ridgeline. Behind you is point mugu peak.

Pt. mugu peak Pt. mugu peak

After 45 minutes you should reach a fork go right at the overlook trail. 15 minutes later you will reach another fork this will be our loop. Take fireline trail. This will descend into the canyon and eventually reach sycamore canyon, go right all the way to the sycamore canyon beach.

Sycamore Cove Beach Sycamore Cove beach

Hopefully you brought some beach wear to enjoy the refreshing pacific and a nice lunch!

Head back up sycamore canyon but this time hang left on the scenic trail.

Vista overlooking the Backbone trail Vista

You will see magnificient costal views, pt. mugu rock, the sandy dunes and a glimpse of sandstone peak. At 3,111 ft this is the highest peak in the Santa Monica mountains.

Pt. mugu Rock Pt. mugu rock

Sandy Dunes Sandy Dunes

Sandstone Peak Sandstone peak

The scenic trail will work stay to your left on the overlook trail. This will take you back to the end of the loop at the fireline trail. This time go left staying on the overlook trail. Again you will reach a fork, take a left on to the backbone trail which takes you back top the ray miller trailhead.

Activity: Hiking
Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Bring: Hiking boots, beach wear, water and snacks

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