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Point Mugu Peak

Point Mugu Peak

Trail Map

Located in the point mugu state park, this is an out and back with a loop around the majestic point mugu peak. Towering 1,266 ft above the pacific point mugu peak offers panoramic views of the coastline and channel islands. On a clear day you can see Catalina, San Nicholas, Anacapa and Santa Cruz islands. Point mugu peak is so close to the coastline you feel like you are flying above the ocean, it is truly an amazing out of body experience.

The hike starts at a dirt parking lot and the trail is called the chumash trail. Parking Lot

The trail has a very steep ascend, if you aren’t used to hiking you will want to go slow and take a lot of breaks. I would also avoid this hike on a hot day, there is no shade.

As you ascend don’t forget to turn around you will be treated with a great view ocean view, the mugu wetlands and in the distance channel islands (on a clear day). Mugu Wetlands

After about 45 minutes you will reach the base of point mugu peak and a fork in the road. Go to your left and a few hundred feet down road go right and take the single track switch back up point mugu peak. North Side of Point Mugu Peak

Once you make it up the first part your are almost there and in the home stretch. From here you have an amazing view of point mugu in the distance. Point Mugu

If you come during spring you can see the cactus flowers bluming. Cactus Blume

Finally it is time to celebrate and enjoy a snack with quite a spectacular view. The peak is very flat and to the right is a nice little bench.

North view on to anacapa, santa cruz islands and point mugu. Point Mugu Peak North View

South view of sandy dunes in the distance. South Side of Point Mugu Peak

East view of sandstone peak Sandstone Peak

Once you are ready to head back continue on the trail south. South View 1

South View 2

After 5-10 minutes you get to another fork, go to your right. You will soon pass by what I think is the best view. A smal trail to the left goes to an amazing lookout by some rocks. Looking Down

After joining back with main trail you will continue to traverse, I find this part the most amazing as you are looking out over the ocean the entire time. Descending trail

After another 15-20 minutes on the trail you will make it back to the first fork, continue left down to the parking lot.

Activity: Hiking
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: Hard
Bring: Hiking boots, hat, water and snacks

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